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1971 Lincoln Continental: In Progress Custom

This all-original '71 Lincoln was a great driving car that was in decent condition...that is until we left it sitting outside for a while (a reality for some of our non-showroom pieces when you start running out of storage space). Some "rust" happened, as well as a hole in the trunk that damaged a box of cassette tapes (the eight-tracks survived, you'll be happy to know).

Instead of just patching up the work, we decided to do something fun with this brown beast.

The plan: to "pimp" this ride by installing air-ride suspension, dual exhaust, flame-throwers, a custom paint job (flat black and semi-gloss lace accents) and swank new rims.

There is currently some debate on whether this new upgrade will involve a sweet sound system...but we're sure we'll be able to convince the "powers that be" as we move along with this project.

Photos below include before pics as well as current status. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we work on it!

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