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 Durasheild Price list

DuraShield Flex Premium Paint Protection Film is a durable, flexible urethane film that is puncture resistant. It is designed to absorb impacts from most road debris and retain its shape and glossy finish.  


DuraShield PPF can be applied to the most vulnerable surfaces on your vehicle to decrease the effects of road rash and to increase the life of your paint. DuraShield PPF should be cared for the same way as your vehicle surface.  



DuraShield PPF Price List, as of July 2014 

**Prices subject to change based on make, model, and year of the vehicle. 

Roof & A-Pillars: $200.00 

Mirrors: $80.00 

Fog Lights: $60.00+ 

Hood & Fenders: $300.00 

Grill: $180.00+ 

Bumper: $300+ 


Application times will vary; but due to the nature of the product we like to have your vehicle for at least 1 full day (overnight ideal). Please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.  


Thank you for interest in DuraShield. For more information, as well as care and warranty details please check out or speak with your installer about these options.

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